GIA Sealer

GIA Sealer

The Gravity Impuls Auto (GIA) Sealer seals polybags that have been filled with pouches by a multi-packaging machine. It can seal polybags made from low, medium and high density polyethylene, as well as polybags made from degradable, recycled and cast polypropylene and blends of polypropylene. The GIA Sealer is capable of handling a wide range of products. Moreover, change over to another product is easily done in minutes without the need for a qualified technician or special tools.

Product Handling   The GIA Sealer receives filled polybags from the Multipack Robot, Speedpack II or Speedpack XXL. The polybags are closed by a continuously heated seal bar. The GIA Sealer can also be used to seal bagged loaves of bread, packaged by the Baghand Robot.

Performance   The GIA Sealer can seal up to 20 polybags per minute.

Combinations  The GIA Sealer can be combined with the following Jongerius Hanco   machines: Multipack Robot, Speedpack II, Speedpack XXL and Waste Suction Unit.


  • Adjustable stopping pins allow product length adjustment
  • Can be combined with an inclined conveyor to transport the sealed polybags further along the assembly line
  • PLC controlled
  • Optionail waste suction unit
  • Access through the control panel of the connected multi-packaging machine