Speedpack II

Speedpack II

Product handling   Product enters the Speedpack II (SPII) on a conveyor belt. A pusher arm pushes the   product into a waiting, inflated sack. The filled multisack exits the machine.

Performance   The SPII can pack pre-wrapped pouches and/or loose product. It can handle a variety   of product, from single pouches, pre-wrapped tortillas, frozen croissants and   pastries to loose buns and non-food product such as toys, cloths and tissues.

The SPII can fill sacks with any amount of product between 5 and 50, in different   configurations. The SP II has an output of up to 30 multisacks per minute,   depending on the configuration.

The SPII can also be used to pack sliced loaves directly from the Simplex 30/60. For   bread, the SP II has an output of 45 up to 50 whole or half loafs per minute.

Packaging   Because of the neat alignment of the pouches within the multisack, the outer sacks   can be transparent. However, packaging into printed sacks, paper bags, neutral non-  transparent film, even display cartons is also possible. Furthermore, Jongerius Hanco encourages the use of compostable plastics which the Speedpack II is totally compatible with. These plastics are industrially- and home compostable and therefore a environmental-friendly alternative to ordinairy plastic sacks.

Combinations  The SPII can be combined with the following JH bagclosing machines: GIA Sealer.


  • Flighted conveyor belt
  • Safe for delicate products due to horizontal handling
  • Can handle sacks with carrier grip as well
  • Double pusher mechanism
  • Automatic sack change
  • PLC controlled
  • Operated through a touch screen panel
  • Can be combined with a JH Top Conveyor