Strip Sachet Machine

Strip Sachet Machine

The Strip Sachet Machine handles strips of products using a new designed folding process together with our trusted packaging method to a machine that contains best of both worlds. The newest technology together with our delicate handling process.

Product handling The Strip Sachet Machine is designed to firstly handle long strips of sachets to be fold neatly. Secondly, the machine collates the product the desired number of rows into its secondary packaging. Lastly the product will be sealed with our integrated GIA sealer for an all in one, tailor-made solution.

Performance Up to 500 sachets per minute. The strip can vary from a length of 9 to 15 sachets.

Packaging The sack can be transparent because of the neat and aligned product presentation inside the bag.


  • Automatic bag change.
  • Handles bags with carrier grip and other features too.
  • Optional waste suction unit.