Bag Inspector

Bag Inspector

Bag Inspector

The Bag Inspector or Seal Tester is designed to ensure only high-quality packs enter the secondary packaging machine.

Product Handling

Packs produced by the vertical form fill machine (Vff) enter the Bag Inspector and pass underneath the Bag Inspector head that checks if the packs meet the desired requirements.


The Bag Inspector can handle an input from the Vff of up to 140 packs per minute. The Bag Inspector not only has the ability to check for packs with leaks, it can also detect double packs, empty packs and it can recondition and reject packs.


  • Double bag detection
  • Empty bag detection
  • Bag recondition unit
  • Seal leakage detection
  • Bag rejection unit
  • up to 140 Bags per minute
  • System integrated direct in ACM machine for sync