Speedpack Plus

Speedpack Plus

The advantage of a semi-automated packaging machine compared to manual secondary packing is the continuous pace of the cleated conveyor, enabling a steady workflow and constant output of multipacks. The semi-automated machine gives the possibility to work off-line, remote from the production line and bag makers. The added benefit of using semi-automated machines is the opportunity to create a variety pack with multiple flavors. Therefore, Jongerius Hanco has created the Speedpack Plus.

What’s new in the Speedpack Plus?

One frame: All components are integrated into one frame, creating a more compact multipackaging machine. Where the old Speedpack II needed a seperate GIA sealer, the Speedpack Plus now features an integrated sealing solution.

Technique: Integrating components from our fully automated solutions that already have proven their value, makes the improved Speedpack Plus an even more efficient machine. Practical to use and control, faster to install, and easy to maintain. The change between products is a piece of cake and done in a matter of minutes.

Safety: The Speedpack Plus is updated to the latest safety standards. Due to the integration of all components into one frame, there is a safety barrier between your staff and all moving components of the multipackaging machine.


  • Flighted conveyor belt
  • Safe for delicate products due to horizontal handling
  • Can handle sacks with carrier grip as well
  • Double pusher mechanism
  • Automatic sack change
  • PLC controlled
  • Operated through a touch screen panel
  • Can be combined with a JH Top Conveyor