Simplex 60

Simplex 60

Product Handling  Loaves of bread enter the Simplex 60 on the infeed belt. The loaves are sliced by the constantly rotating slicer bands that form a figure 8. Then the sliced loaves exit the Simplex 60.

Performance  The use of slicer bands instead of traditional blades allows the Simplex 60 to slice up to 60 loaves per minute in a quick and clean way. The slicer bands also allow the Simplex 60 to slice both softer and harder loaves as well as loaves that are fresh from the oven, with a core temperature of up to 40°C.

Combinations The Simplex 60 can  be combined with the following Jongerius Hanco secondary  packaging machines: Speedpack II.


  • Constantly rotating slicer bands
  • Quick and clean slicing
  • Slicing of both soft and hard loaves
  • Slicing of hot loaves
  • Output of 60 sliced loaves per minute